Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marvel: Conan the Barbarian- Treasure of Tranicos

I inked over the loose background pencils on Gil Kane and John Bucema's  Treasure of Tranicos issue. I then tooth brushed and Zip-A-Toned the entire story including the figures. Unfortunately i didn't receive credit as background inker/ finisher but I did the work all the same.

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Rick Tucker said...

Rick, that's some beautiful work. Backgrounds are so often overlooked and yet they're essential to establishing the setting. It's odd but the fact that they are so often overlooked or absorbed so quickly that comment is rare just speaks to the immediacy of the medium.
I've loved your work for years, snapping up the old Tundra sketchbook as soon as it hit the stands. Your inks over Mignola's pencils in Byrne's excellent World of Krypton was also very distinctive. I'm glad that was finally reprinted in a trade edition.