Sunday, September 21, 2008

Retouch sample

A fellow artist saw some of my retouch work and asked me to take a very old and damaged photo of his son and restore it. Here is the before and after. The final result was very well received!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marvel: Conan the Barbarian- Treasure of Tranicos

I inked over the loose background pencils on Gil Kane and John Bucema's  Treasure of Tranicos issue. I then tooth brushed and Zip-A-Toned the entire story including the figures. Unfortunately i didn't receive credit as background inker/ finisher but I did the work all the same.

GothBabes Calender

This was for a calender I worked on a couple of years ago called "Goth Babes". I did it overnight and sent it off ... happily it was used for the month of Novembers page. 

Halston HangTag Art for Mens apparel

Halston wanted an edgy " with the times!' hang tag for it mens apparel section. For this promotional piece I did a pencil render of the photo and then inked it. After scanning it in I was told by the client to go wild so I composited it with the original photo and played around with some blendings and came up with this take.

Heavy Metal - Pugilist

I was asked by the Artist, Greg Follender to ink a series of stories for Heavy Metal magazine. The series is called The Pugilist, the first story printed in black & white was only five pages. The following story was also colored by Greg and myself using Photoshop. The third installment has been pencilled and inked and is now in the middle of the coloring phase. It will be 38 pages in length and should (with luck) be on the stands in 2009.

Soul Kiss

I was teaching Photoshop at FIT (Fashion Institute in New York City) a few years ago and this illustration was done on the spot from scratch as a demo of  layers, textures and compositing. Besides blowing away the students watching it happen before their eyes... It did the same to me and I am very happy with it.