Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New York City Comic Book Con

I will be at the show part of the day Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you all there. Give me a shout!

TV and Movies Extra

I am an extra in the new series "Kings". It premiers March 15th. I am in a crowd scene while a speech is being given. Near the back by the doors. A cold winter day and they had to be open. It was shot right around the corner from my old apartment in NYC.

TV and Movies Extra

I can be found in a couple of scenes as an extra in the new Meryl Streep movie 'Julie & Julia' due out sometime later this year. Main scene I can be found in is me going out a Train station door as they come in. It was a great chance to hang out and see how a shoot goes down. A lot of work and a lot of waiting.